State Clinical Survey Recognizes MCH as Deficiency Free

Aug 5, 2021 | Featured, What's New

We are proud to announce that MCH has been recognized for its clinical excellence with a deficiency-free clinical survey from the State of Wisconsin. This rare achievement is a testament to the strength of our team and our ongoing commitment to the highest level of clinical quality and to always making the needs of our residents our top priority.  

To give a bit of background about what exactly this accomplishment means, nursing homes in Wisconsin operate under rules enacted by the Federal government (for the Medicare and/or Medicaid programs) and by the State of Wisconsin. Surveyors from the Wisconsin Division of Quality Assurance conduct unannounced inspections at each nursing home at least once every 9 to 15 months to determine if the nursing home complies with all State and Federal rules. State surveyors also conduct follow-up visits to ensure that violations have been corrected, investigate complaints, and conduct other surveys, as necessary.

When state surveyors determine that a nursing home is not in compliance with a Federal regulation, the nursing home is cited with a violation or “deficiency”.

We sincerely congratulate and thank all of our incredible staff for their hard work, dedication, and compassionate care for the older adults who call MCH home! We celebrate and honor their present-day successes to aspire towards future achievements.