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At Milwaukee Catholic Home, we believe that an engaged life is a full life. And the more aspects of your life that you engage, the healthier you age. Expanding MCH’s commitment in engaging those we serve, we are proud to announce the “A Life Engaged” program.

For over 100 years, Milwaukee Catholic Home has had a holistic approach to engaging others. Throughout our history, we have valued the philosophy of whole person wellness, which specifically focuses on five key areas of a person’s well being. They include experiential social engagement, cognitive health, physical fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness and spiritual wellness. That is where “A Life Engaged” comes into the picture. This innovative program enables people to be engaged in something bigger than themselves in meaningful, joy-filled, and consistent ways. Activities and events made possible through “A Life Engaged” give residents, staff, friends, and guests of Milwaukee Catholic Home a sense of belonging and purpose, no matter where an individual is in their life’s journey. 

“A Life Engaged is about answering that call to get out there and experience things that inspire you and excite you … what is it that lights you up?” says “A Life Engaged” program director Amy O’Connor. “Whether that’s reading a good book or kayaking or gardening … it’s about you! A Life Engaged means to intentionally involve yourself with these types of experiences so that you will be your best self, your whole self and your happiest self at every age! It means that you create your life as you would like it to be!”

Although we are only a few weeks into the New Year, “A Life Engaged” has already brought unique and exceptional programming to residents and friends of Milwaukee Catholic Home in 2019.  On January 24, 2019, during the MCH annual Partnership Event, residents and guests were treated to an interactive ice sculptor demonstration in the Residence Courtyard. Upcoming event highlights include a “Paint ‘N Sip” evening on February 12th, Philip Chard’s discussion on “Engaging Life at Every Age” on February 27th, a Sprecher Brewery Private Reserve Tasting and Tour on March 1st, and “An Evening of Irish Music with Tom and Evan Leahy” on March 13th.

These and other program offerings throughout the year are made possible by the generosity of our “A Life Engaged” program sponsors, including the Milwaukee Catholic Home Foundation, Catholic Financial Life, M3 Insurance, Johnson Financial Group, Paratech Ambulance Services, Husch Blackwell, and Spectrum Investment Advisors.



At Milwaukee Catholic Home, the word experience means enjoying a concert in the courtyard on a warm summer night. It means taking a class or participating in an intergenerational play. It means building memories, sharing stories with those we love, and never being afraid to try something new.

For over 100 years, Milwaukee Catholic Home has sought to create innovative places and memorable moments that not only enhance the experience of our residents and their families, but also that engage the broader community.          

In this season of generosity, we invite you to be part of our continued call to create enriching adventures by contributing to new program spaces on our existing campus. A re-imagined Meditation Room, located off of the St. Joachim Chapel, will allow for residents and their families to pray before our Lord and pause for quiet reflection without interruption. We are excited about this project and about how it will improve our worship space, adding even more to the spirit of Milwaukee Catholic Home.  In addition, a new Art Studio on the third floor of the Milwaukee Catholic Home Health Care Center will allow residents to explore their creative side through a variety of art classes and inspired activities.

At Milwaukee Catholic Home, we believe that an engaged life is a full life. And the more aspects of your life that you engage, the healthier you age. Enhancing these current spaces at Milwaukee Catholic Home creates additional opportunities for our residents and families to do something, to try something, and to learn something.

To support these projects and the role you might have in helping make them a reality for our residents, please make an online gift today.



The holiday season is an important time to consider those less fortunate in our community and what we can do to help.  Residents, staff, and friends of Milwaukee Catholic Home certainly got into the charitable spirit of this time of year by recently participating in the Capuchin Community Services’ Holiday Food Box Program.

The annual Holiday Food Box Program provides central city families in need with food baskets that contain all the fixings for a festive meal during both the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Approximately 1000 qualifying households are served at the Capuchin Community’s two Milwaukee sites; the House of Peace and at St. Ben’s Community Meal.

“While about one third of those who eat at St. Ben’s have access to a kitchen, they don’t always have the proper food, especially during this time of year,” says Capuchin volunteer coordinator Mike George. “In addition, many of those served by the House of Peace are the working poor who rely on our Emergency Food Pantry.”

Partners, such as Milwaukee Catholic Home, who participate in this cause are provided with food boxes and a detailed holiday shopping list. During the month of November, MCH staff and residents worked diligently to promote the Capuchin’s charitable appeal. While the initial goal was to fill and donate 25 food boxes, their efforts were clearly successful, as 40 food boxes were filled and returned to the Capuchin’s for distribution on November 15, 2018. In addition, $1,000 in cash was collected for donation to this cause.

“The outpouring of generosity to our neighbors in the city was AMAZING!” says Milwaukee Catholic Home Pastoral Care Associate Terri Adrian, who spear-headed the organization’s drive.  “Staff and residents made contributions which more than doubled our original goals!  Our boxes are filled not only with food, but also with prayers for continued blessings.”

To learn more about Capuchin Community Services’ outreach to feed the hungry this holiday season, visit their website here.

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