Trinity Woods Residents go back to school

It doesn't matter how old one is or what kind of life experiences one has had; there is always an opportunity to grow and learn something new.   While lifelong learning doesn’t solely take place in a classroom setting, have there ever been times in your adult life,...

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Aging is enhanced by an active spiritual life

If you’re remotely familiar with current events, you’ll see there is plenty going on in the world that is unpleasant and frankly, frightening. Reading the headlines is painful, and it’s easy to get discouraged about the state of our world today. But as people of...

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How MCH Residents Enjoy the Summer Season

“Nature itself is the best physician.”  – Hippocrates  Getting outside is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the natural beauty that’s present all around us. There are also some tangible health benefits to being outdoors, particularly for seniors.  Extensive research...

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