The process of aging comes with both its unique joys and its unique challenges.  For many older adults, cognitive and memory impairment is one of the most difficult challenges they face.

At Milwaukee Catholic Home, you will find exceptional care and support no matter what your needs.  Memory support is part of our philosophy of care across all of our service areas, and we deliver it with compassion, sensitivity, and respect for you as an individual with your own history and hopes for the future.

Whether you or your loved one just needs a daily reminder to make sure medication is taken on time, or is looking for the security and peace of mind of a more supportive living situation, we can meet your needs.

In both our Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing apartments, our staff is specially trained to support residents who are experiencing Alzheimer’s or other forms of memory loss, and our services and programs are tailored to ensure comfort, dignity, security and enrichment.  In particular, our expert and passionate recreation therapists  keep body and mind engaged through innovative programming designed to strengthen memory and cognitive ability, including music and art therapy.

Memory care at Milwaukee Catholic Home means safety, security, a supportive community, and a life enriched by the social, spiritual, and recreational experiences that make life meaningful.