Whole Person Wellness

Building community where health, wellness and choice come to life.

Across our continuum of care, we offer an environment and programming that is consistent, joy-filled, and meaningful, rooted in each resident’s individual needs and choices.

Our whole person wellness philosophy is of particular benefit to our residents with memory loss, and also addresses the needs of residents who experience depression, loneliness, isolation, and a variety of chronic health concerns. It improves the overall quality of life for our residents in the context of an interdependent and supportive community.

Milwaukee Catholic Home’s holistic approach to wellness is supported by five pillars of health that we feel are essential to an individual’s wellbeing.

The Five Pillars of Whole Person Wellness
Social Engagement
Social engagement means participating in the community and taking advantage of opportunities to expand one’s worldview through new experiences.

Cognitive Health
Engaging in creative pursuits and intellectually stimulating activities leads to good cognitive health. Continuing to learn and engage the mind slows memory decline and is beneficial to overall wellness.

Physical Health
Physical fitness is about choosing lifestyle habits that maintain or improve bodily health and function. This includes exercise, healthy sleep, regular medical care, and medication management.

Good health and good nutrition are closely linked. It’s important to have fresh, healthy, and diverse meal choices as well as a connection to the source of one’s food.

Spiritual Wellness
Spiritual Wellness means living with meaning and purpose according to one’s personal values. Community and personal faith-based activities, personal meditation, mindful exercise (yoga, tai chi) and experiencing nature can create the opportunity for spiritual growth.