“Nature’s Way” with Philip Chard is Wednesday, November 6th!

Oct 30, 2019 | Leadership, What's New

Everyone knows that common physical ailments, often, require a visit to the doctor’s office. One quick visit to an Urgent Care facility or an emergency room can quickly alleviate illnesses and relieve pain better than you could yourself. But having a doctor fix a physical problem that you cannot is only one aspect of putting your health first; paying attention to your emotional state of mind is another.  

There are times when everyone, for any number of reasons, feels overwhelmed by their circumstances. No matter what may be bothering you on a personal level, it is essential to make yourself and your well being priority, and never lose focus on maintaining a high-quality mental health. 

Autumn scene. Bright colorful landscape yellow trees in autumn park. Fall nature.

Through “A Life Engaged”, Milwaukee Catholic Home provides countless opportunities that engage our five pillars of Whole Person Wellness. These five pillars of social engagement, cognitive health, physical health, nutrition and spiritual wellness are incorporated into daily life with intention and consistency. One upcoming program takes another look at wellness as it relates to nature, and how it can improve an individual’s mental health.  

Have you ever felt an indescribable sense of peace while looking at the colorful foliage on a chilly autumn morning? Does the sight of a serene lake, or the sound of the ocean wave hitting the beach, make you feel calm and content? That’s what Philip Chard, renowned psychotherapist, book author, and Milwaukee Journal contributor, believes. Milwaukee Catholic Home is thrilled to host Chard for “Nature’s Way” on Wednesday, November 6th at 10:00 am in the Astor Room. Research shows nature interaction is essential for mental wellness.  When we take time to be still, listen, observe, and engage with our surroundings, we experience a host of psychological and spiritual benefits.  

This presentation, and other future programming at Milwaukee Catholic Home, allows our residents, staff, and friends to be healthy in every possible way. We hope you can join us and learn a valuable lesson on how to make your mental health a priority, and how acknowledging the majesty of nature is an impactful way to do that.