Milwaukee Catholic Home Celebrates World Kindness Week

Oct 27, 2020 | Leadership, What's New

While being kind, generous, and thankful for the blessings we have is something to focus on every day of the year, let’s face it, sometimes we need a little reminder! I don’t think we need to list the many ways that 2020 has not been anyone’s best year; everyone has a story of how they have been impacted by the global pandemic. It can be easy to get caught up in the negativity and sometimes, sense of hopelessness about the whole situation; When will we experience some relief? Will we ever return to the normal we once knew? What does a new normal look like and when will it start?  

In times like these, focusing on the positive can be challenging. But when circumstances seem bleak, that’s where the goodness in humanity truly shines. This is when small acts of kindness leave the largest impression. It’s smiling and greeting someone when they’re having a bad day. It’s buying a cup of coffee to for an unsuspecting stranger in the car behind you in the drive thru. It’s saying a prayer for someone who truly needs support and sympathy in every possible way. 

All of these acts and more are the inspiration for World Kindness Day. Formed in 1998, this international holiday is annually observed on November 13th as part of the World Kindness Movement. Celebrated in countries such as Canada, Japan, and Australia, World Kindness Day presents an opportunity to reflect on how everyone can be a positive influence by engaging in both large and small acts of generosity. 

While the message of World Kindness Day is something no one can argue with, we at Milwaukee Catholic Home thought, “Why not extend the celebration to be more than just one day?” After all, if the world needs anything right now, it’s an unending supply of kindness, compassion, and love. 

Here are a few of the ways Milwaukee Catholic Home residents and staff will celebrate World Kindness WEEK! 

All Week Long 

Random Acts of Kindness Fishbowl 

Science says: Random acts of kindness are good for your health. The warm feeling of wellbeing that washes over you when you’ve done something kind isn’t just in your head. It’s in your brain chemicals, too. Acts of kindness can release hormones that contribute to your mood and overall wellbeing.  

So, throughout Milwaukee Catholic Home Kindness Week, it’s our mission to spread joy by encouraging everyone to engage in random acts of kindness. Fishbowls will be placed at the front desks of both The Residence and the Health Care Center. Throughout Kindness Week, residents and staff are invited to pick a random act of kindness from the bowl and carry it out. The thoughtfulness and generosity that one act of kindness will rapidly spread throughout our campus and will surely be felt by many.  

Marquette University Law School Restorative Justice Initiative Virtual Conference: “Making it Personal” 

This four-day, virtual conference will be hosted in the Astor Room Monday, November 9th through Thursday, November 12th at 12:15 pm during Milwaukee Catholic Home’s Kindness Week. Marquette Law School Restorative Justice Initiative Virtual Conference: “Making It Personal.” This inspirational series will examine the impact of the restorative justice philosophy and focus especially on the spirituality of the healing circle.  


Cookies, Coffee and Kindness  

Kindness Week officially kicks off at Milwaukee Catholic Home Monday morning with the charming event “Cookies, Coffee, and Kindness.” Residents are encouraged to gather in the Solarium and share their favorite poem, quote, or story that relates to our week’s kindness theme. And we’ve always found that reading a poem out loud is a little bit easier while enjoying coffee!  

Strength and Balance-and Kindness! 

MCH’s Strength and Balance exercise class is offered to residents three times a week, and improves an individual’s flexibility, overall fitness, and aerobic capacity. The spirited, lively music that will be played during each class the entire week will revolve around-you guessed it! Kindness! After all, it’s a message you can live by and dance to! 


Be Kind to Yourself 

In order to promote self-esteem, MCH RN Residential Coordinator Beth Bagleman will host a discussion called “Be Kind to Yourself” in the Astor Room on Tuesday, November 10th. Not only will attendees leave with an uplifting message on how we can love and value ourselves, but also a stone with that features a quote or phrase that personally speaks to them. 


Capuchin Holiday Food Box Program 

On Wednesday, November 11th,  residents, staff, and friends of Milwaukee Catholic Home will once again participate in the Capuchin Community Services’ Holiday Food Box Program. The annual Holiday Food Box Program provides central city families in need with food baskets that contain all the fixings for a festive meal during both the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. The goal is to fill and donate 25 food boxes to the Capuchins for distribution. Cash donations will also be accepted to support this wonderful cause. 


Connections Group 

Because staying connecting and supporting each other has never been more important, Connections allows residents to support each other through life’s challenges, circumstances, and joys. Connections Group takes place on a weekly basis every Thursday at 2:30 pm, and this week’s meeting will focus on how kindness is transformative and impactful. 

Kindness Cocktail in Flatley’s 

Kindness is certainly something we can raise an enthusiastic glass to! Residents are welcome to enjoy a specialty cocktail called “Kindness in a Glass” (yes, that really is a cocktail!) in Flatley’s Lounge on Tuesday evening. Care to make one for yourself at home? Simply mix Drambuie, gin, lemon juice, honey simple syrup, and sparkling wine! 


Random Acts of Kindness Wrap Up 

Kindness Week concludes at Milwaukee Catholic Home on Friday, November 13th. Residents will gather in the Astor Room and share if they received a random act of kindness from the fishbowls that were placed at the front desks earlier in the week. I’m sure we’ll hear some truly touching stories of how a small act of unexpected generosity not only made someone’s day brighter, but inspired them to pass that good feeling along to others.  


While making the days of everyone we encounter happier should always be our focus, it never hurts to give this beautiful mission a renewed commitment. That’s why World Kindness Day is something that all of us at Milwaukee Catholic Home will strive to live out far beyond November 13th. By sticking together, staying positive, and doing something for someone else, we help each other, and we become stronger than ever before.