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Monthly Archives: October 2021

Taking care of an ailing loved is physically and emotionally challenging.  You may begin to question if you are caring for them in the proper way or if you are missing crucial steps to improve their quality of life.

While the work of a devoted caregiver should be honored every day, National Family Caregivers Month is celebrated every November to pause and acknowledge the selfless work of caregivers across the country. According to the Administration for Community Living, this national observance is led by the Caregiver Action Network (CAN), a nonprofit organization that provides free education, peer support, and resources to family caregivers. Considering that many family caregivers experience conflicts between competing responsibilities – caring for their loved one, working a full-time job, raising children – this is such a vital service.

As proud observers of National Family Caregivers month, we at Milwaukee Catholic Home know there are simple things we can do year-round to engage, support, and empower the caregivers we know. You can join us in that effort

Here are a few things you can do for a caregiver this month to acknowledge the good work they do. 

Give Them a Break 

Offer to watch over their loved one while the caregiver you know has some much-deserved time to themselves. This can be their chance to catch up on errands, treat themselves to lunch, or simply get out for a walk and enjoy the beautiful fall weather! This is a great way to acknowledge their hard work as caregivers.  

Buy Them a Cup of Coffee 

If you find the prospect of “taking a shift” and helping watch over their ailing loved one overwhelming, there are still things you can do to ease the stress for a caregiver you know. A cup of coffee or having lunch delivered to their home is a small gesture that goes a long way.  

Find Ways to Give Them Support 

There are several social media websites and online groups whose mission is to provide caregivers emotional support and connect them with others in the same position. Caregivers can seek comfort and advice through these groups and feel the genuine understanding and compassion from someone who fights the same struggles. Follow the Instagram page caregivingadvice for inspiration on how the caregiver you know can find support. Search for the popular hashtags #caregivers, #familycaregiver and #NFCMonth to be part of a larger conversation about family caregiving and local support groups they can attend.  

Being a family caregiver can a physical and emotional toll. Your loving and nurturing commitment to caring for your loved one is noticed and appreciated. 

To learn more about National Family Caregivers month, visit the Administration for Community Living website 


In the blink of an eye, another summer has come to an end. While there is plenty to miss about the summer season, there is certainly much to look forward to in the autumn months ahead (Packer football, pumpkin spice lattes, and trips to the apple farm, to name a few!) But perhaps the thing people most associate (and most look forward to) about the autumn season at Milwaukee Catholic Home is the Fall Harvest Festival.   

Our annual Fall Harvest Festival on Tuesday, October 12th from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm celebrates the harvest from Clare Gardens, our organic farm-to-table community garden!  

There are many ways you can participate in this beloved event both virtually and in person! Many items, such as pumpkins, chili, soup kids, spiced pecans, Thanksgiving pies, honey, and charcuterie boards will be available for sale on the A Life Engaged website! Simply place your order online and pick it up curbside at Milwaukee Catholic Home! You can step inside our front door of The Residence at 2462 to purchase a raffle ticket for a chance to win the Bountiful Harvest Basket, a handmade quilt crafted by residents and MCH volunteers, and a chance to win cash as part of our 50/50 raffle! 

Should you be able to join us in person on Tuesday, October 12th, in addition to all these fabulous items being available, you can also purchase a variety of fresh vegetables from Clare Gardens, homemade resident crafts and specialty items, participate in fun activities on the patio (pumpkin bowling, anyone?) and even take a hay ride! 

All proceeds raised at the Fall Harvest Festival benefit MCH resident programming. 

“At Milwaukee Catholic Home, we emphasize whole person wellness, and healthy eating is a significant part of that,” says Amy O’Connor, Director of A Life Engaged. “The Fall Harvest Festival is a great way for our residents and for those in our community to reap the many benefits of the Clare Gardens project. You can feel the true spirit of community that is so alive and well here at Milwaukee Catholic Home!”   

Although another summer has come and gone, there is so much to look forward to about the autumn months ahead, including Milwaukee Catholic Home’s Fall Harvest Festival. For more information on this signature event, contact Amy O’Connor at aoconnor@milwaukeecatholichome.org or visit the A Life Engaged website. 

If you plan on attending the Fall Harvest Festival in person, please RSVP with Amy O’Connor!