Extreme Makeover: Steinway Edition

Our piano is getting a makeover! With support from our residents, we began raising money last year to upgrade our pianos in the Residence building. The performing and fine arts are a central part of life at Milwaukee Catholic Home, and we often host exceptional musicians who need instruments that match their expertise. In addition, the piano in our chapel plays a key part in our liturgical celebrations on a weekly basis.

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How to Mark a Milestone: Celebrate and Adapt

My wife and I recently celebrated an important milestone: our 15th wedding anniversary. We had a great time looking back at the past 15 years and the memories we’ve created together.

However, it’s important to remember that an anniversary like this isn’t an ending, and it isn’t really about the past. It’s about the present and the future. It’s a re-commitment, or even a re-invention. My wife and I have each changed in different ways over the course of our marriage, and as our needs, abilities, strengths and weaknesses change, our commitment to each other means that we adapt to those changes and renew our understanding of how we live out our marriage in daily life.

Our 100 year anniversary at Milwaukee Catholic Home is like that too.

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100th Annual Corporate Meeting

Our centennial celebration continues this year with our 100th Annual Meeting on Thursday, January 23rd.   Milwaukee Catholic Home corporate members meet each year to hear from our CEO and Board of Directors about the challenges and successes of the past year as well...

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New Milwaukee Catholic Home Blog!

At Milwaukee Catholic Home, we love to learn and share knowledge about what's new in senior services.  It's what enables us to continue offering exceptional care and memorable experiences to those who call MCH home.  As part of this sharing, we've started a new blog,...

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MCH and SET Ministry Spread Christmas Cheer

This past Saturday, Milwaukee Catholic Home staff and residents collaborated with SET Ministry to host a Christmas party for a group of families and older adults living in public housing.  The event was a week in the making: On Tuesday, residents and staff made...

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