Mary Russo: Milwaukee Catholic Home’s Greatest Asset

Mar 10, 2014 | Leadership

Mary Headshot

Mary Russo, Director of Human Resources

On March 19, we will honor 38 employees at our annual Service Awards Luncheon.  These employees have mile-stone anniversaries working anywhere from 5 to 25 years at MCH.  We chose this day because it is a special day: the feast of Saint Joseph, patron saint of the worker.  We know Saint Joseph watches over all MCH employees and helps to keep them inspired to do the valuable work they do every day no matter what their tenure at MCH.

On her website dedicated to Saint Joseph, Beverly Johnson Roberts says that Saint Joseph is the patron saint of ordinary people leading ordinary everyday lives, and that there was nothing lofty or regal about him.  He was an ordinary worker whose purpose was to provide quality of life to his family.

I invite you to take a few minutes to observe our extraordinary Milwaukee Catholic Home employees at work.    There is no doubt you will see how much they care about serving the residents, no matter what kind of work they do.   I think you will easily see why Saint Joseph is an inspired patron of the worker, especially at MCH.

You may have heard the old sayings that “employees are an organization’s greatest asset” and “employees can make or break an organization.”  I believe that to be true and experience it every day.  MCH is as great as it is because of its outstanding employees.    Is it any wonder we smile with pride when we hear residents, family members and even other employees say, “MCH employees are so dedicated,”  “MCH employees are cheerful and conscientious workers,”  “What would we do without them?”  And, my absolute favorite, (and yes, I do say it from time-to-time), “Our employees are special angels.”  I truly believe it, too.

I hope you will take a moment or two to say thank you to an MCH employee during this special month of Saint Joseph.  Please thank them for coming to work every day to fulfill their personal ministry selflessly while quietly serving the residents and each other.   Because like Saint Joseph, they are dedicated, loyal workers who provide wonderful service day in and day out.   They truly are Milwaukee Catholic Home’s greatest asset.