Mike Brauer: Thanks and Giving

Nov 14, 2014 | Leadership

Mike Brauer headshot

Mike Brauer, MCH Mission Advancement Officer

Autumn is a grace-filled time when the crisp leaves and the brisk winds accompany one of the most beautiful seasonal transitions we know.  As summer ends, there are certainly mixed emotions as we recall the warmth, relaxation, and fun of the past few months.  The void, though, is soon filled with the newly made memories and with the hopefulness of what is ahead.

As nature begins its hibernation process, members of the human family begin our ascent toward the holiday season by embracing a centuries-old tradition of giving thanks for the abundance in our lives.  Before we enter into our various practices of giving gifts to family and friends, we pause and we give thanks for all we have received. Interesting, isn’t it?

It is almost as if we first need to cultivate our souls — to ready ourselves by offering thanks — before we can freely enter into the act of giving.

Charitable gifts to Milwaukee Catholic Home are most often given out of gratitude. Residents make gifts because they are grateful for the care they or a spouse receive from staff.  Family members frequently offer their thanks to the MCH community for the support it has provided to them and to their loved ones by making a gift in their honor or memory.

The Benevolent Care Fund exists as a source from which we as a community can meet the unexpected financial needs of a resident. This Fund was initially established through charitable gifts made as an expression of thanks to Milwaukee Catholic Home. Today, due largely to people living longer lives, that fund is inadequate. MCH is actively seeking significant gifts of cash, appreciated securities, and estate gifts to help meet the growing need for these supplemental funds.

As this holiday season unfolds, our prayer is that our community remains outwardly thankful for all the graces of this past year.  We ask God to continue to bless our residents and their families and may all of our hearts be open to the impact we can have by offering sincere thanks and by generously giving.