MCH Joins the cupid crew this february

Feb 9, 2022 | Featured, Uncategorized, What's New

February is arguably the time of year when encouragement and love is expressed the most it is the month in which we celebrate Valentine’s Day. And while receiving a box of chocolates or buying a bouquet of roses for a special someone is a wonderful way to celebrate the day and share affection, there is an organization that has found a beautiful way to honor Valentine’s Day by reminding seniors across the country just how loved and cherished they are.  

Every Valentine’s Day, LifeLoop, an organization that strives to ensure a flow of communication between senior living residents, family members, and staff across the country, takes part in the #CupidCrew movement. The goal of this special undertaking is to spread some love to older adults to help combat feelings of isolation and to strengthen our universal need for connection.  

With a mission like that, it was easy for MCH to get in on the fun?! After all, at MCH, A Life Engaged means trying new things to stay connected through shared experiences and obtaining a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves. That’s why #CupidCrew is something MCH supports! 

In 2022, LifeLoop’s goal is to collect 5,000 handmade Valentine’s Day cards that can be sent to senior living residents all over the United States. MCH has committed to making at least 100 handmade cards to be sent back to this campaign. Those making these special Valentine’s include residents across the MCH campus, staff members and Life Engaged community members, and residents and staff at Trinity Woods, the new intergenerational housing community located on the Mount Mary University campus.  

When life seems most daunting, it’s a comfort to know that you have people that are in your corner. Whether it is a spouse or a loved one or a stranger you’ve never met, supportive and kind words can be just what is needed to make circumstances seem so much better. At this time of year, the time that especially celebrates love and friendship, let us all be reminded to be kind to one another, and think of ways to go the extra mile to show someone just how much we care.  

For more information on #CupidCrew, visit the Life Loop website