May 24, 2020 | Leadership, What's New

May 23, 2020


Dear Families of the Health Care Center at Milwaukee Catholic Home,

This afternoon, we learned that a resident living on the Special Care Unit tested positive for COVID-19.  During our twice daily temperature checks for all residents in long-term care, it was discovered that the resident had an elevated temperature.  The resident’s physician was immediately contacted, was sent to the emergency room for treatment and subsequently tested. Our Director of Nursing and Infection Control Nurse have notified and been in contact with the City of Milwaukee Health Department. We continue to closely monitor all residents in long-term care for elevated temperature and any reported or observed respiratory or related symptoms that would indicate COVID-19.

On May 22nd, we initiated and completed testing on every resident in both the Health Care Center and the Residence at 2462 for the COVID-19 virus. The state of Wisconsin testing laboratory estimates a 5-7 day turn around for those results. In addition, we tested a large number of employees on the same day and will continue to test until all employees have been tested.  This testing will identify any potential outbreaks and more quickly allow us to isolate and treat, thereby reducing exposure to others.

We continue to screen all employees and essential personnel prior to their shift or when entering the building by using a health questionnaire and by taking their temperature. All staff continue to wear masks during their entire shift.  All residents on campus are required to wear masks.  While this may be difficult for some, it is essential to reduce the chances of spreading the virus if someone is not symptomatic. 

Please keep this resident in your prayers for continued recovery and good health. When medically stable, this person will return to Milwaukee Catholic Home and will be in isolation on our dedicated wing located on 2nd floor west until their symptoms are resolved. We will keep you all updated as changes may occur. Please know that we will continue to proactively communicate with you in a transparent and timely manner.

Thank you for your trust and support of our efforts during this difficult time.



Dave Fulcher                                         Pat Shaughnessy

CEO                                                               Nursing Home Administrator