MCH and Catholic Charities Forge “Connections”

Feb 13, 2014 | What's New

Back in October of 2012, a group of staff from Catholic Charities came to Milwaukee Catholic Home for lunch and a tour.  As staff from both organizations connected, they realized they had a lot to offer each other.  Gradually, an idea took shape – using some of the resources of Catholic Charities’ behavioral health programs, Milwaukee Catholic Home could offer a discussion and support group for residents encountering the changes and transitions that come with aging.  The program would be called “Connections.”

This month, the group will meet for the first time.  Before the first meeting of the group, participants have been invited through a survey to share ideas for what they might like to focus on in conversation.  A trained social worker from Catholic Charities will facilitate and guide discussion.

Mandy Bibo, Director of Behavioral Health at Catholic Charities, thinks the group will offer a unique opportunity for residents to come together with those who face the same challenges they do.  “The purpose of Connections is for residents of MCH to come together to support and help one another through life experiences and transitions,” she said.  “It is a way for others to connect and learn that other residents are also experiencing similar life situations.”