Staff Contacts

David Fulcher
Chief Executive Officer

Rob Frediani
Vice President of Operations and Mission Integration

Katie Grant
Vice President of Clinical Integration

Rohini Desai
Chief Financial Officer

Patrick Shaughnessy
Nursing Home Administrator

Linda Cardinale
Director of Sales and Marketing

Jim Benedict
Vice President of Plant Operations

Chris Reinheimer
Vice President of Culinary Services

Lisa Johnston
Vice President of Human Resources

Kara Grennier
Director of Residential and Supportive Living

Chris Cotter
Director of Nursing

Amy O’Connor
Director of Life Engagment

Beth Balgeman
RN Residential Coordinator

Bonnie Anderson
Wellness Nurse

Tricia Kurszewski
Health and Rehabilitation Center Admissions

Caitlin Kujawa
Health and Rehabilitation Center Admissions

Theresa Owens
Clinical Services Manager- CBRF

Mary Cherniack
Life Engagement- Volunteer Coordinator