Since our founding by a group of Catholic laywomen in 1913, our identity as a Catholic institution has informed and infused everything we do here at Milwaukee Catholic Home.

From daily Mass and the rich sacramental life offered on our campus, to our commitment to responsible investment and stewardship of our resources, to the caring and supportive community found among residents, staff and friends, our Catholic culture is evident and is at the heart of who we are.  People of all faiths discover a spirit of joy, compassion, gratitude and welcome when they enter our doors.

Each of our two main campus buildings has its own chapel serving as the center of our community’s life of prayer.

St. Anne’s Chapel in The Residence building has Mass six days a week, as well as numerous other opportunities to pray together, such as daily Rosary, and seasonal devotions.  Many residents also like to stop in to the Chapel during the day for a few minutes of quiet reflection.

St. Joachim’s Chapel, located in our Health and Rehabilitation Center, is connected to our main Activity Room.  It is divided from the main room by a movable partition, allowing it to remain a quiet space for prayer and meditation during the day’s activities and to be opened up to the larger room during Mass or other community prayer.

We also hold an annual retreat featuring a guest retreat leader, offering our residents, staff and families an opportunity to grow in their relationship with Christ through a series of talks and guided prayer.

And of course our pastoral care staff are there to offer prayer, council and support, both in times of loss and times of celebration.