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Ensuring Dignity: The Benevolent Care Fund

We cherish our Catholic identity and understand that as an organization, we will be called to respond to unanticipated needs of residents from time to time. Even a well-designed financial plan can occasionally fail to meet a person’s needs and when that happens, we want to respond in a compassionate and responsible way.

The Benevolent Care Fund Endowment was established to allow MCH to assist residents experiencing financial hardship. Although we work closely with residents in planning their finances prior to the arrival at MCH, sometimes circumstances beyond their control cause their assets to be depleted long after they have become part of our community. Our goal through this endowment fund is for these residents to remain in their MCH homes and to receive assistance in their time of need.

In the skilled nursing care area of our Health Center, we frequently provide care for residents who receive Title XIX benefits.  Our government reimbursement for this program is less than our daily cost of providing care. This shortfall can no longer be absorbed by the overall MCH budget.  We must find other sources of revenue.

The Benevolent Care Fund is the source of funds for residents like these whose current financial situation is insufficient to over the basic daily cost of providing care.

We respectfully invite and encourage charitable gifts from residents, families and friends to help us maintain our commitment to dignity for these women and men.

If you have questions about giving, please contact Dave Fulcher at (414) 220-3212.