From day one, the foundation of Milwaukee Catholic Home has been rooted in benevolence, most profoundly evidenced by the gifts of the Cudahy and Hackett families. This same loving and caring community is also one that is generous. As a benefactor of Milwaukee Catholic Home, you are connected to a caring community and a culture of faith, a place where values are translated into loving service and the joyful celebration of God’s gifts.

You can continue this tradition and be a part of the spirit of giving that has made this such a wonderful place to live. Whether you are supporting an annual need, are motivated by an exciting project, or are expressing your gratitude for the care and friendship you receive from staff and neighbors, you can be confident that your gift will make an impact on the lives of those we serve.

We invite you to learn more about our needs, explore ways in which your gift can really make a difference, and consider how a part of your legacy can reside right here at home.

If you have questions about giving, please contact Dave Fulcher at (414) 220-3212.