CEO Dave Fulcher on Hospitality

Jun 4, 2014 | Leadership, What's New

Dave Fulcher, CEO

Dave Fulcher, CEO

Our CEO, Dave Fulcher, was recently interviewed for The Corner Office, an online publication of REALM senior living consulting group.  The topic of the interview is: “The Leadership Challenge: Hospitality.”  Read the whole interview here!

A sample:

REALM: What is your leadership style?

Dave: My style is relational. It’s about building teams, building confidence within the team, and also having fun. Team building takes a level of trust and that occurs when there is open communication about everything that is appropriate. It’s about treating each other as you want to be treated. For me, my personal faith plays a crucial role in my leadership. It’s important that we recognize that we are not perfect and we need prayer and support from others to be more successful. It can sometimes be hard to admit I need help, but I have to do it to become a better person and a better leader.

REALM: Coming into an existing organization, how did you create that trust?

Dave: The key was listening to other leaders in the organization because they had something to offer based on their experience and professionalism. When you need to make decisions, you’re not doing it in a vacuum and people feel like they are being heard. Plus, it’s important to have buy-in from everyone on the team, and that often extends the time for that decision to be made, and also requires compromise – a word that is sometimes taboo in today’s world. A great leader must be willing to compromise on the issues so that everyone can be heard, but not on his or her values – there is a difference.