Milwaukee Catholic Home (MCH) has been serving older adults for over 100 years.  The organization was founded in 1913 by a group of women associated with the Marquette Women’s League who recognized the need for compassionate care and residential services for seniors in the Milwaukee area.

Today, MCH offers a full continuum of care for older adults, including independent living apartments, assisted living, short-term rehabilitation, memory care, and skilled nursing.  Our campus also houses a children’s day care which is a frequent partner in intergenerational programming.  Additionally, MCH provides operational management services to other non-profit organizations.

MCH is a nonprofit governed by a Board of Directors. Contact us to learn more about our board.

MCH is recognized for its exceptional clinical quality.  However, MCH is far more than just a place to live or receive needed services: it is a place to experience life at its fullest.

Our Tagline: Experience, Community, Spirit


Life at MCH is about experience. MCH residents have the opportunity to grow in mind, body and spirit through an enriching calendar of activities and community events, including musical performances, lectures, art exhibits, wellness programming, and community prayer and worship.

In addition, Milwaukee Catholic Home is committed to reflecting a 21st century view of hospitality, rooted in customer experience and memory making. The experiences we create will lead to fun, memories, sharing, challenge, sacredness and discovery.

Our ultimate goal is for the entire Milwaukee Catholic Home community to understand that we are offering much more than just a specific collections of services for a set fee. Rather, we are providing unique, memorable and lasting experiences to our residents, allowing them to grow and flourish.


 One of the things that sets Milwaukee Catholic Home apart from other retirement options is its atmosphere of community. Residents find a welcoming, supportive and socially vibrant environment that is vitally connected to the larger Milwaukee community.

In addition, Milwaukee Catholic Home’s identity as a continuum of care and its unique approach to retirement services allows its residents to age in community (where ever that may be), finding support for changing needs while maintaining their dignity and independence.

In addition, we are continuously seeking new opportunities to collaborate and partner with other faith and service oriented organizations to better fulfill our mission.  Our collaborations are authentic to who we are and our decisions to partner are intentional, based on specific goals for the future expansion of our impact.


 Milwaukee Catholic Home’s identity as a Catholic institution, rooted in the values of service and compassion, lies at the heart of who we are. The members of the MCH community strive to create a culture of loving service to others and joyful celebration of God’s gifts.  This culture attracts people of all faith traditions, who are drawn to the unique and welcoming spirit of Milwaukee Catholic Home.

Our Catholic identity is brought to light in many specific aspects of community life, including shared sacramental life, holistic pastoral care, the implementation of Catholic ethical principles in all decision-making, and excellence and integrity among leaders and staff,

Most of all, the presence of Christ is fostered through our daily interactions with one another. The personal witness of individuals who display genuine Christian love is more important than anything. Those who work for Milwaukee Catholic Home are distinguished by servant leadership.  They do not merely meet the needs of the moment, but dedicate themselves to others with heartfelt concern and care for the whole person.