A Prayer for Our Mission

Sep 23, 2013 | What's New

For the Board of Directors and management team here at Milwaukee Catholic Home, the season of autumn means planning.  We are excited about the goals we are setting for our organization in the coming year, and about the many new opportunities we have to offer our residents memorable experiences, build a caring and supportive community, and create a spirit of welcome, generosity, and gratitude for God’s gifts.

This morning at our management team meeting, Anne Spoerl, our pastoral care associate, led us in a prayer inspired by our planning and goal setting for the year 2014.  We think it sums up what we are striving for every day as we work to build God’s kingdom through our work at Milwaukee Catholic Home, and invite you to pray with us for the success of our ministry in the year ahead.


Prayer for Our Mission

Lord, we gather to thank you for making us all part of your plan; your plan to spread the love of Jesus through the ministry of this community.

We thank you for this shelter that protects us all, from the sweltering days of summer through the icy winds of winter, as we care for your most vulnerable. Holy Spirit, work through us so that our words and deeds will proclaim the Good News that each of them is your beloved child.

We thank you for the gifts of each person here, as we work together to free residents from chains of loneliness and despair, giving witness to your tender concern for every one of them.

We implore your Divine Wisdom. Help us all to use it generously as we listen and plan for the rehabilitation of lives blinded by the fears of dealing with challenges of the human life cycle.

We thank you for the blessing of every person who has been part of our Milwaukee Catholic Home family over these many years. Through the Communion of Saints we carry them all in our hearts. And as time continues, give us the compassionate faith to let go of those we love as they grow and transition from this earthly life into your heavenly embrace of everlasting love.

Thank you for the many graces that you bestow as we carry out the mission that Jesus has modeled for us: to provide a place of love and mercy and peace, that is acceptable to you Lord. AMEN.