A New Mission for our Second Century of Service

Jan 26, 2015 | Leadership, What's New

Over the past two years, the Milwaukee Catholic Home Board of Directors has been an engaged in an intensive strategic planning process, looking ahead to the next 5 – 10 years of the organization’s growth and development.  At our 101st Annual Meeting on January 22nd, CEO David Fulcher presented the new Mission, Vision, and Strategic Goals that will guide our decision-making in the years ahead.

We believe this new framework remains rooted in MCH’s history of excellence while looking forward to future opportunities to expand our mission of compassion and service to older adults in southeastern Wisconsin.



Rooted in our Catholic tradition and commitment to Christian love and community, Milwaukee Catholic Home provides continuing care services for older adults.



Compassion: Awareness and empathy concerning the needs of others.

Excellence: A commitment to the highest standards delivered with competence and continuous improvement.

Integrity: Honesty, authenticity and responsible stewardship of our resources.

Benevolence: The desire to do good through acts of kindness and charitable generosity.


Milwaukee Catholic Home will become the standard against which others are measured by delivering the highest level of services to older adults across the continuum of care. Our Board, management, staff, benefactors, volunteers and friends will unite around the shared belief that we are called to do more.


Strategic Goals

Goal A: Develop a culture of performance excellence to drive organizational and individual success.

Goal B: Adapt, diversify and expand MCH’s service offerings and markets to animate the MCH mission, impact lives and maximize ROI.

Goal C: Expand fundraising to complement and enhance strategic goals and objectives and grow our benevolent efforts.

Goal D: Develop beneficial strategic partnerships and collaborative models to animate the MCH mission, impact lives and maximize ROI.